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Events and Workshops

At the Poetry Pharmacy we are lucky enough to receive lots of interest from writers and other practitioners who approach us about readings and events.  

In Bishop's Castle due to our rural situation, we have to attract an audience from much larger distances than most venues, and as we're a very small team working out of a single bookshop, some events are just not feasible for us to host.  

In London we're just settling in and for now most of our events are commissioned, which allows us to curate a unique program of workshops and events, and often up to a year in advance.

If you are still interested in sending us a proposal, please click here!

Before contacting us about coming to the Poetry Pharmacy to run an event, please keep in mind the following:

It's helpful for us to have an idea of what the content of your workshop would be, and who it would appeal to.  Proposals needn't be long, but a couple of paragraphs at least makes it easier for us to assess whether your event is right for us.

The focus of the Poetry Pharmacy has always been poetry and well-being, and we are most likely to be interested in workshops with a focus on both of these.  

Because we try our best to ensure our events are not in competition with each other, we only have the capacity to put on a limited number of events per year.  Please don't be offended if we don't have a slot for your event - there are very few available!

Readings by one or two poets are sadly not something we can feasibly host.  As a bookshop rather than an arts organisation, we do not receive any funding with which to pay writers, and struggle to bring in an audience for these events.  Exceptions to this are book launches, especially for local writers, or a showcase from a small press with several of their writers present to read. 

If you would still like to propose a workshop or event, please email with the subject line PROPOSAL.